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Wet or Dry Cutting


To keep your diamond blade cool, extend its life and improve the performance, always follow the coolant instructions for the diamond blade you are using.


Air / Water Cooled

Dry-cutting diamond blades may be used dry, eliminating the need for water tanks, water hoses, or wet slurry clean-up. These blades depend on airflow around the blade to prevent excessive heat build-up during cutting.

Use dry diamond blades for "intermittent" sawing. After every 10 to 15 seconds of cutting, take pressure off the blade and allow it to run back up to full speed for several seconds. This cooling interval allows air to flow around the blade and dissipate the heat. Use dry diamond blades only for shallow cutting (1-2" deep) or step cutting (making several shallow passes to reach the full depth required).


Water Cooled

Wet cutting diamond blades must be used with water to prevent excessive heat build-up during cutting. Use water on the blade also reduces dust and helps remove cuttings.

A continuous water flow is critical. Using wet blades without water, even for a few seconds, causes excessive heat and blade damage, and creates a safety hazard. Check the saw or tool carefully before using a wet cutting diamond blade. Make sure it is safe to use the saw or tool with water.




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